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NEWS / Bulletin 1


Dear friends,


The preparations for the ERFC 2011 are going well.
There are no changes in the Local Rules, they are valid as accepted in Lausanne.
I am very pleased to announce that the home page of the competition is available.
The address is:
You can find the preliminary entry form in the Documents section.
Some new informations for you:
We are going to prepare 5 training routes. We are going to use use only two map sections of the Hungarian aeronautical chart, the scale is 1:200000, an East and a West section.
To make your training more efficient, we organise the Hungarian National Rally Flying Competition at the same venue, at 29-31 of July. 3 of the training routes are going to be used at this competition. For those who are going to participate in this event we are going to provide only two more training routes.
We are going to have 20 Hungarian crews to participate this event.
The Local Rules are going to be published within two weeks, on the ERFC homepage.
This competition will be a very good occasion for the FAI officials to check our preparations, for to have traning in a real competition atmosfhere and for us too, to improve our afforts, to make the ERFC 2011 a remarkable event.

Please do not hasitate to contact me if you have any questions.


With best regards,

Janos Benedek
Competition Director


Budapest, 9 of February