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NEWS / Bulletin 2


Dear friends,


The preliminary entry date for the ERFC 2011 is passed.
I am very happy to announce that the number of entries is over the expectations.
We have 39 crews from 12 countries. You can check the list of preliminary entries on our webpage.
I kindly ask you to give me some more informations. The first is the number of own aircrafts in your team. It is important to know how many stands we have to prepare for you.
The second one is your intentions to hire a car, or a minivan. We are working on a discounted solution, but we have to know the required number of vehicles, to reach a god result in our negotiations. Please write to me an e-mail about this.
Unfortunately we had to change the date of the Hungarian National RFC. It was planned to the end of July, but there is a very big sporting event that weekend, the Hungarian Grand Prix of the Formula One. All the hotels in and around Budapest are full, even at those special prices. The new date is 5 to 7 of August. The Local Regulations for this competition are at the Documents section of the homepage.
We are not going to organize accommodation and transport for this event, but we are ready to provide any assistance you need to solve these problems.
The aircraft and car hire is available at the same conditions as for the ERFC, the Ramada Hotel is also available, and there are some more hotels close to the airfield with lower standards and prices.

Please do not hasitate to contact me if you have any questions.


With best regards,

Janos Benedek
Competition Director


Budapest, 22 of April